GAIA PHONO  a.k.a. 423.5Phono-Litz  PLUS     RCA-RCA version


Cable geometry: Star-Quad

Conductor material: Pure OCC Silver

Conductor size: 23AWG

Conductor Type/Geometry: LITZ (Gaia  -Teflon Litz)

Insulation (dielectric material): Multilayered solid & medium density Teflon (PTFE)

Insu;lation (bedding): PTFE wrap

Shields: 2  overlapping silver plated OFC copper braids (each 98% optical coverage).

Cable jacket: Flexible Silicone compound.

Outer braided sleeve: Soft black Multifilament

Diameter of main body - 9mm including outer sleeve

Diameter of tails - 7mm

Capacitance:(at 1KHz, 20°C): 49pF/m

Inductance (at 1KHz, 20°C): 0.69µH/m

The RCA-RCA version of the Gaia Phono is configured with one ground leads at the turntable end and two ground wires at the phono preamp end (as shown in the images). It is essential that both of these wires are connected (the one is the ground connection from the turntable / tonearm mass, while the other is a “drain lead” from the cable shields to the ground. The destination ground wires can be either connected onto the same ground post of the phono preamp (or if you use a separate SUT one can be connected onto the chassis of the SUT while the other on the chassis of the phono preamp). To help with the installation, the ground leads can be terminated onto the same spade or on two separate spades depending on your set-up and preference.

Note on connectors:

We have chosen to make our cables available with a variety of connectors/plugs. The reason we have done so is because we want the customer to have the option to choose what is best for his/her needs and his/her budget. We do not suggest that one should go for the most expensive combo of connectors he/she can afford.  Prices are determined by the various factors in the market and they are not necessarily representative of performance and quality. The options we have selected are what we believe is the best available in their price range and matched to our cable designs.

Keep in mind that often some of the top connectors come at such high prices that are hardly justified by the potential advantage in performance. Connectors are evaluated based on their design, build quality, materials, price and performance. We are more than happy to offer our honest opinion on specific brands/types and we will consider using other connectors of your choice whenever this is suitable and possible.

RCA connectors for Gaia

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